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LA-LIZ Industrial Ltd.



After tanning, natural leather remains un-dyed. It will, however, develop a dark patina over the years as it is exposed to sunlight, dirt, oils, stains and dyes. While it starts out a bit stiff, natural leather will soften and mold well with use.


Design to Function


A well designed product must look great, function flawlessly, and last a lifetime. Eastworks products combine time-tested methods of making with functional design for easy, everyday use.

Reliable Manufacturing


All La-Liz's production are designed and produced by us. Everything is made to order, so please allow up to 2 week for your product to be made and shipped. Every product is cut, sewn, and finished by professional manufacturer without the use of any unreliable machines or electricity. Email with any questions.





Like raw denim, vegetable tanned leatherwears gracefully and molds to the owner's habits over time. All vegetable tanned leather darkens and develops a natural patina over time with exposure to natural elements like sun, water and oil. After several months or years, a vegetable tanned product can acquire a rich unique patina that is strikingly different from its new appearance.


Also, tanned leatherwears gracefully and molds to the owner's habits over time also, but the only different is after dyes leather would affect by artificial, such as scrape, and being fadding instead of getting darker.

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